I Accidentally Bought Jason Freedman’s Blog

I bought this domain name humbledmba.com to start my new side hustle – a business blog.

Here I cover all kinds of questions about banking apps like Chime, Venmo, Cash App, and Chase. I also publish reviews of my favorite online courses, like Flux Academy, Learn Plan Profit, Humbled Trader Academy, and ZipTraderU.

If you landed on this page chances are you tried to read one of Jason Freedman’s old business blog posts.

Jason Freedman is the founder of 42Floors and partner of Peak State Ventures.

I found out that still to this day a few people every month visit this website to read Jason’s old posts, even though most of them are 10+ years old (talk about evergreen content). Due to copyright reasons, I, unfortunately, wasn’t able to re-upload his original posts. Instead, I created this page and redirected his posts to this page.

If you want to read Jason’s original posts you can visit WayBackMachine and plug in the URL of the post you want to read. Go back a few years and Ta-Dah, there you have his old original posts.

To Jason Freedman: If you’re reading this please contact me – I’d love to republish your old posts if you’re okay with this. I’m sure a lot of people would find value in them.

After I found out that I purchased his old domain I researched a little about him. I compiled his best quotes below:

Too many MBAs think that their education in business can be applied directly to startups.”

You don’t find a technical cofounder, you earn one.”

Figure out exactly what you need and just ask for it. Don’t play games, don’t posture, don’t hint.”

Be yourself. Abnormal people create abnormal returns.”

We don’t ever engage in some interview question process that has nothing to do with what it’s really like to work with us.”

Product development is about figuring out the single most important problem that exists right now and doing that and only that.

Today, I use Humbled MBA as my own blog. My small team and I publish blog posts that are aimed to help users get answers to questions companies leave unanswered.

Even though you probably didn’t come to read my content I’d love it if you give me a try. 🙂