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17 Chime SpotMe Questions Answered! (Full 2023 Guide!)


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SpotMe is a nifty feature offered by Chime that allows for easy access to funds when your account balance is running low.

Learn how Chime SpotMe works with this complete guide. 

What Is SpotMe on Chime?

SpotMe is an optional feature in Chime that allows users to spend more funds than what are available in their balance. This overdraft service is free for all eligible Chime users. With SpotMe, you can overdraw from $20 up to $200 and pay what you owe when you next deposit funds to your account.

Chime does not require membership fees for its SpotMe feature. You can activate this option as long as you are eligible.

You need to have a Chime checking account with a direct deposit of at least $200. There are no overdraft, interest, or late fees.

As a SpotMe user, your borrowing limits can range between $20 to $200. This is automatically determined by Chime based on your account history and activity. 

To access the SpotMe feature, you should activate your Chime debit card and have a direct deposit of $200 or more that stayed in your account for at least 34 days. 

Chime has no limits set on how many times you can overdraft your account. As long as you are within your SpotMe limit, you can borrow funds anytime you want. 

However, if you make a purchase that exceeds the limit set by the platform, you can expect the transaction to be declined. 

How Does Chime SpotMe Work?

Chime SpotMe lets you borrow funds within the limit of your Chime debit card, with no overdraft fees involved. You can also use it to perform cash-back transactions and to withdraw funds at ATMs.

Any overdrawn amount you utilize will be adjusted from your next direct deposit.

Eligible Chime users may enroll in the SpotMe service by going to Settings and accepting the terms and conditions.

After signing up, you will be notified of your SpotMe limit, which can range from $20 to $200. This is the maximum amount you can overdraw. 

The next time you make a purchase using your Chime debit card and it exceeds your available balance, Chime will automatically spot you for the excess amount.

The money that you owe Chime will then be paid back on your deposit for the next month, free of charge. 

For instance, You have a $20 available balance on your Chime account and $50 on your SpotMe limit. When you purchase an item worth $30 on your Chime debit card, it will still go through.

The $10 excess will be shouldered by SpotMe. 

Once the purchase is complete, you will receive a notification from Chime stating that SpotMe covered $10. Your new balance will also be updated.

When you next deposit funds to your Chime account, $10 will be automatically paid back to SpotMe. 

As long as you are enrolled to the service, SpotMe will continue to cover any purchases in excess of your Chime balance. Of course, this is providing you stay within your SpotMe limit.

Meanwhile, when you pay for a transaction that exceeds your SpotMe limit, it will be declined. Chime will send you a message stating why it happened.

As per Chime’s rule, SpotMe will only cover purchases made thru Chime debit cards, cash withdrawals via an ATM, and cashback transactions.

You cannot use the service for ACH and Pay Anyone transfers, cash and mobile check deposits, and peer-to-peer transfers using services like Venmo, PayPal or Cash App.

How to Use Chime SpotMe: (Step-By-Step)

To use Chime SpotMe, you need to do the following steps:

1.     Select Settings on your Chime app and check if you are eligible for the SpotMe feature.

2.     Activate your Chime debit card.

3.     Agree to the SpotMe terms and conditions.

4.     You are officially enrolled in SpotMe.

Use your Chime debit card for transactions that go beyond your balance, but still within the SpotMe limit. For every transaction covered by SpotMe, you will receive a notification. 

On your next deposit, your negative balance will automatically be adjusted.

How to Increase Chime SpotMe:

The SpotMe limit, which can range from $20 up to $200, is automatically determined by Chime when you enroll in the service. You cannot increase it at your end. However, the limit can be changed based on your Chime activity and usage. 

In the beginning, you may be assigned a very small SpotMe limit. From there, depending on your deposit and usage trends, your limit may increase or decrease.

Chime will notify you every time this happens.

The SpotMe limit is the maximum amount you are allowed to borrow from Chime, but you can manually lower it depending on your preference.

To do this, you should open Chime and go to Settings > SpotMe. Then, tap on the pencil icon next to your current SpotMe limit and hit Edit.

Afterward, you need to enter your personal maximum limit and hit Confirm. Your reduced SpotMe limit is now set.

How Long Does It Take to Increase My Chime SpotMe Limit?

Your Chime SpotMe limit may increase (or decrease) over time depending on a variety of factors. This may depend on how long you have been a Chime member, how much you deposit every month, and your overall account history.

In time, your SpotMe limit will increase. The more frequently you use Chime for your transactions, the better chances you have of increasing your SpotMe limit.

There is no way to tell for sure when your SpotMe limit will change. Contacting the Chime support team will not yield the answer you need.

Just use your Chime account like you normally work, including responsibly depositing and spending money.

Reasons Why Your Chime SpotMe Limit Got Decreased:

Chime’s system automatically raises or lowers a user’s SpotMe limit based on a risk-based algorithm. If your limit has decreased, it should be because your direct deposits have also declined.

For instance, if you usually deposit $1,000 a month and then reduce it to only $500, Chime will take this into consideration.

Once the Chime system sets your limit, this cannot be overridden by company employees at your request. You just have to improve your deposit routine and hope for the best.

How to Get Cash from Chime SpotMe:

You can get cash from Chime SpotMe by withdrawing money via an ATM. This is because SpotMe works with ATM withdrawals.

You can withdraw your Chime balance, including your SpotMe limit anytime you want to.

SpotMe can also be used for cashback transactions. When making a purchase, you may ask a retailer for a rebate that you can withdraw later on.

Why Is My Chime SpotMe Not Working?

Chime SpotMe typically does not work if you try to purchase an item and the amount exceeds your limit. This causes the transaction to get declined.

If SpotMe is not covering your overdrafts, you should check if you are still eligible for the service by going to your Chime app Settings.

Users who stopped receiving direct deposits to their Chime account will likely have lost access to SpotMe.

You may also want to check your SpotMe limit and see if Chime has lowered the amount you are allowed to borrow. 

Always ensure that your total purchases will not exceed your balance and SpotMe limit to avoid failed transactions.

If you still experience problems with SpotMe despite this, you should contact the Chime support team at 1-844-244-6363.

You may also reach out to them within the Chime app.

What Is a Chime SpotMe Boost?

Chime SpotMe Boosts allows you to temporarily raise your SpotMe limit using the boosts received from other Chime users.

A SpotMe boost can increase your limit by $5. You can get a maximum of four (4) boosts every month from a fellow user at Chime.

This means you can increase your monthly SpotMe limit by up to $20. 

Any Chime user enrolled in SpotMe is eligible for SpotMe Boosts.

To send a Chime SpotMe boost, you simply pick a friend and tap on the “Send $5 Boost” button next to their name.

When you send a boost to a friend, they will receive a notification about the gift. They will also get the chance to boost you back if they want to.

You may also check how many SpotMe boosts you have left for the month by going to Settings on your Chime app. Boosts reset every month. 

You should keep in mind that only Chime members get to enjoy SpotMe Boosts. Meanwhile, your friends and family do not need to be eligible for SpotMe to receive a boost.

How Long Can You Wait Before Paying Back Chime SpotMe?

The overdrawn amount you used via Chime SpotMe will be automatically adjusted from your next month’s deposit. If you failed to deposit funds in the next three months, your Chime account may be suspended.

Chime has the right to put on hold accounts with SpotMe negative balance not repaid within 90 days of initially incurring the said negative balance.

You should be a responsible user if you do not want to encounter problems with Chime.

Where Can You Use Chime SpotMe?

You can use Chime SpotMe for transactions using your Chime debit card. Just make sure that the purchase amount is within the Chime SpotMe limit to be cleared.

You can use Chime SpotMe for purchases at physical outlets such as grocery stores, restaurants, gas stations, and fast food outlets.

It also works with online transactions, cashback options at retail shops, and even as payment methods for rides at Uber.

If you want to withdraw funds, you may do so by visiting an ATM.

Can You Use Chime SpotMe for Online Purchases?

Yes. You should encounter no issues when using Chime SpotMe for online purchases. The process is the same as when you normally purchase items with your Chime debit card. 

If the amount exceeds your available balance, SpotMe will cover it.

Can You Use Chime SpotMe at Gas Stations?

Yes. Chime SpotMe works at gas stations. However, you need to go inside the gas station to pay for the fuel you purchased. SpotMe will not work at gas pumps.

Can You Use Chime SpotMe with Apple Pay?

Yes. You can use Chime SpotMe for purchases you make using Apple Pay. You simply need to pay using Apple Pay (linked with your Chime debit card) and if you do not have adequate funds in your Chime account, SpotMe will spot you.

Can You Use Chime SpotMe at An ATM?

Yes. You can use Chime SpotMe at ATMs. The maximum amount you can withdraw from your Chime account via ATM is $200.

Can You Use Chime SpotMe at Walmart?

Yes. You can utilize Chime SpotMe for purchases made at Walmart. Generally, this should work for self-checkouts. 

You may also withdraw money from your Chime account while at Walmart to pay for your transactions. To do this, you need to select cashback at the self-checkout counter.

Can You Use Chime SpotMe at Target?

Yes. Just like with Walmart, Chime SpotMe can be used for Target transactions. As long as you do not exceed your SpotMe limit, you should have no problem with the checkout process.





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