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Why Did Chime Deny Me? How To Reapply! (Full 2022 Guide!)


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If you are trying to open a Chime account and meet the necessary application requirements but keep getting denied over and over again, then it’s natural to question why this happened and what you can do to resolve the issue.

Let’s look into why Chime denied your application by answering questions related to this matter, and also run through guidelines to help reapply for a successful application.

Why Did Chime Deny My Application?

A common reason for Chime denying your application is inputting incorrect personal details. Other reasons include not being a US citizen with a valid SSN, being a minor under the age of 18, trying to register a second account with the same SSN, and verification failure. 

Possible Reasons Why Chime Denied Your Application:

1) You Are Not a U.S Citizen

One of the most common reasons for a Chime account refusal is that you’re trying to register with them and are not a U.S citizen, as an account is only available to residents of the U.S living in one of their 50 states. 

2) You Are Under The Age Of 18

Chime, alongside other U.S bank institutions, requires you to be 18 years or older to open a checking account in America. If you are under the age of 18 you are legally classed as being under the age of majority, and only have the option of opening an account jointly with an adult (not available on Chime). Therefore part of the application process is confirming you are of the required age.

3) Inputting the Wrong Details

Inputting the wrong details during the application process is a typical reason for account refusal. For instance, you may have misentered your home address, so when Chime pulls up your social security number to see if your info adds up and matches your identity, the system will automatically decline your account.

In this case, go back, reapply and make sure your info is accurate so Chime can correctly verify your identity to process your application successfully.

4) An Account is Already Registered With Your SSN

To register a new account with Chime you will need to use your social security number (SSN), and it’s only possible to open one account associated with this SSN. In other words, you will be denied if you are trying to open more than one account with Chime.

Also, the use of unauthorized tactics such as manually generating an SSN to open a second account simply won’t work, as you have to confirm all of your details, such as an address, phone number, etc, and these are connected to your real SSN.

5) Verification Failure

Another aspect to take into consideration is that Chime uses a third party (an outside organization) to confirm personal information accuracy for the opening of accounts, which sometimes results in verification failure. However, this won’t always affect your ability to reapply for a successful application, so in this case, try again, but if you keep getting rejected then you can contact a member of Chime’s support team to look further into the issue. 

6) Credit Score is an Unlikely Reason Chime Denied Your Application:

Chime states that they will not check your credit history when opening an account with them, and they also don’t have a minimum credit score requirement for you to open an account. Further, they don’t check your ChexSystems file, which keeps a record of your previous account activities, both good and bad, including the reasons your past accounts have been closed.​​​​

Why Did Chime Deny My Application For Security Reasons?

Your personal information needs to be verified in order to create a Chime account, and if this doesn’t match your data on record, then for security reasons your application will be denied and you will need to try and reapply, so remember to check carefully that the details you’re entering are correct.

For future reference, Chime has said they will add other methods of verification to authenticate identity, which would be great for more people to access their services, as at the moment we are limited to needing a valid social security number to apply for an account.

What To Do If Chime Doesn’t Let You Open An Account:

If you are repeatedly getting denied when trying to register an account with Chime, and are also attempting the same method of application, then you can try another approach. For instance, if the app is denying you then try contacting Chime support via phone to help with the process, and vice versa.

Can You Call Chime To Open An Account?

Chime does have an option of calling them at 1-844-244-6363 and speaking to an agent about account set-up. However the quickest method to open a new account is to visit Chime’s website and complete enrolment this way, and with the required details at hand, this should only take a matter of minutes to complete.

When setting up an account you will need a government-issued identification document such as a driver’s license or passport. You will need to provide details such as your full name and birth date, a valid phone number for text confirmation, social security number, and a home address. Then you will need to download the app and log into it with your email address and password to complete the process.

It is to be noted that call waiting times might be lengthy, and some users have reported the easiest method to open an account is to download the app and complete the process this way.

How Can I Speak To A Live Person At Chime?

To talk to a member of Chime’s team you can call them at 1-844-244-6363. Support is available 24/7 which is good to know.

To date, Chime doesn’t have a live chat support feature (real-time back-and-forth messaging with support agents). To view available support options you can navigate to the support section at the bottom of Chime’s website.




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