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How To See Pending Deposits On Chime! (Full 2023 Guide!)


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It can be incredibly frustrating when you wait for funds to arrive in your Chime account. You want to know if the deposit is just pending or lost in the system.

This guide will teach you how to find pending deposits on the Chime website or mobile app.

Does Chime Show You Pending Deposits?

Yes, Chime displays pending deposits on its website and App. You can see which deposits are pending by simply going to the “Reports” tab and looking at the color of the dollar amount. The gray text means that the deposit is pending. The green ones are the deposits that have arrived.

Color coding allows users to easily identify deposits that have not yet been posted to their accounts.

How to See Pending Deposits on The Chime App: (Step-By-Step)

For users with the Chime app installed on their phones, you can view all transactions and deposit details right from the home screen. 

1.     Open your Chime App and log in with your details.

2.     Browse through all your transactions. These are color-coded depending on status.

3.     Look for the ones with shaded amounts. These are your pending deposits.

4.     Green means the deposit has been made, while black means you have withdrawn the funds.

How to See Pending Deposits on Chime.Com: (Step-By-Step)

If you want to view your pending deposits through the Chime website, you must be logged into your account.

1.     Tap the login button in the upper right corner of the screen and enter your Chime credentials to access your account. 

2.     Find the Statement option by scrolling down the bar in the left corner of the screen.

3.     Locate ongoing deposits by checking the dates the money should have been credited.

4.     Download a copy of your monthly statement (if you prefer).

Does Chime Notify You when You Get a Pending Deposit?

Yes. You will receive a push notification from Chime and an email letting you know that your deposit has arrived. 

Chime processes and releases deposits as they are received. If transaction notifications are enabled in your mobile app, you will know instantly when funds arrive in your account.

You can always change your Chime notification settings at any time. In your mobile app, it is under Settings.

You can also do this through the Chime website. Click on your name in the upper right corner of the screen and select Notifications.

If you did not receive a notification after that, you may need to do some troubleshooting. You need to check and change your phone settings to enable Chime notifications.

On your Android device, simply launch the Settings app and tap Application Manager. Scroll down the list of apps and select Chime. After that, click on Show notifications. This will enable push notifications for your Chime transactions.

For iOS-compatible devices, go to Settings > Notifications. You will see a list of apps that support push notifications.

Tap the Chime app and open notification options.

Does Chime Hold Pending Deposits?

No. Chime does not hold direct deposits. Funds are transferred to your account as soon as Chime receives the funds from your employer or payroll provider.

Although Chime is not a bank in the traditional sense, it offers banking services and checking/savings accounts through its banking partners.

The timing of the deposit depends on the timing of the transfer from the initiating bank to your Chime account. Generally, deposits will be made throughout the working day, Monday through Friday.

If you do not see the deposit in your account, it just means that Chime has not received it yet.

How Long Are Deposits Pending For on Chime?

Deposits are usually available in the Chime account approximately three (3) days after the initiating bank processes the payment transfer. Chime prides itself on releasing your funds two (2) days earlier than others.

Once you open an account with Chime, you will automatically be enrolled in Advance Direct Deposit so you can receive your funds as quickly as possible. 

You can obtain funds up to two days in advance. This is compared to traditional banking policies and paper check deposits made electronically.

However, this depends on how quickly the sender and their bank can process the funds. Chime clarifies that early access depends on when the payer submits the payment documents.

Your money is ready to use the day you receive payment documents from the payer. This means that deposits will be made to your Chime account by 9:00 a.m. EST on your regular payday.

However, funds are usually available two (2) days before the scheduled payment date.

There is also no fixed time frame for the deposit to be credited to your account. You can see it in your Chime transactions as early as 9 am or late at night.

Fund transfers are processed any day except a weekend, depending on when your employer or payroll provider initiates payroll.  Employers usually set a schedule for this, so deposits are credited on their schedule.

If this is your first deposit to a Chime account, you can expect slower processing times with respect to future transactions.

Weekends and holidays may also affect processing times.

If the deposit takes place on a weekend or public holiday, you can expect the funds to be credited to your Chime account the next business day.

To receive funds using Chime, you must have made a direct deposit with your employer or payroll provider using your checking account.  

If you have not already, you can easily set it up by logging into your Chime account via the online banking platform or mobile app.

Select the Move Money option to view your Chime routing number and account number and send them to your employer.

You can also set up a pre-filled direct deposit form through the mobile app.

Click Transfer Funds > Direct Deposit > Email me a pre-filled direct deposit form. Then download or print the form and send a copy to your employer. 

After a few days, check with them to see if a direct deposit has been set up.

Why Is My Chime Deposit Late?

There may be several reasons for a late deposit to your Chime account. The most common is that the bank of your employer or payroll service provider is slow to process payment transfers.

Payment days on weekends or holidays may also cause processing delays.

The first deposit may also be slower than subsequent transactions.

Chime deposits rarely fail due to technical issues. If you want to make a deposit but it has not arrived yet, you can contact your employer to verify that they are using the correct Chime account and routing number.





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