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Overdraft Chime Card: 7 Questions Answered! (Full 2023 Guide!)


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Chime offers overdraft services via its SpotMe feature. This allows qualified users to overdraw money from their accounts without incurring extra fees.

This guide should answer your questions on how to overdraft on Chime.

How to Overdraft on Chime:

You can access Chime’s overdraft services by using SpotMe. This is an optional feature on Chime that lets users spend more funds than what is available in their account balance. You can overdraw between $20 to $200 depending on your Chime limit. SpotMe is free for eligible Chime users.

An overdraft is a fee that your bank charges you when your purchase exceeds the available balance in your checking account.

You can acquire overdrafts from transactions such as in-store and online purchases, bill payments, checks, ACH transfers, and ATM withdrawals.

Most banks offer overdraft protection that is completely voluntary, but these come with extra fees. With Chime, this service is free via SpotMe.

We have written a full guide on Chime SpotMe here.

You do not have to pay any membership fees to access Chime’s SpotMe feature. However, you must be eligible to activate this option.

Chime users with a direct deposit of at least $200 in their checking account are qualified for the SpotMe feature. The money should stay in your account for at least 34 days.

There are no overdrafts, interest, or late fees.

Your borrowing limits are automatically determined based on your account history and activity. These can range between $20 to $200.

There is no limit on the number of times you overdraw your Chime account, as long as you are within your SpotMe limit. 

Once you exceed the limit, any transaction that involves overdrafts will be declined.

Can You Overdraft on Chime without SpotMe?

No. Chime only offers overdraft services using SpotMe. You cannot overdraw from your Chime account without this feature.

 You can use Chime’s SpotMe by activating your Chime debit card, then agreeing to the platform’s terms and conditions.

Once you are officially enrolled, you can use your Chime debit for any purchase that goes beyond your balance and within your SpotMe limit.

When you deposit to your account next, Chime will automatically deduct the money you owe

How Much Does Chime Let You Overdraft?

Chime SpotMe allows you to overdraw between $20 to $200. Depending on your limit, this is the maximum amount you can borrow.

Any overdraft amount will be adjusted from your next direct deposit.

When you enroll in the SpotMe service, you will receive a notification on how much your Chime limit is. 

The amount is determined by Chime. You cannot change it on your end.

However, this limit can change depending on your activity on the platform. You will get a notification every time this happens.

While in the beginning, Chime will assign you a small SpotMe limit, this may increase or decrease over time.

Several factors may affect your SpotMe limit. These may be your monthly deposit, length of being a Chime member, and overall account history.

Typically, the more you use Chime for transactions, the better your chances of boosting your SpotMe limit.

If your SpotMe limit has decreased, it should be because your direct deposits to your Chime checking account have also reduced.

For example, your monthly deposit to Chime is usually $1,500 per month. Then, you cut it to only $750. 

Chime’s system will consider this in determining your subsequent SpotMe limit. 

You cannot override the system. You can only improve your deposit routine from them on so you can get a limit increase.

As long as you are enrolled in the service, SpotMe will continue to cover any purchases above your Chime balance. 

Of course, this is providing you stay within your limit.

For every overdraft transaction, Chime will notify you and will update your balance.

Similarly, you will receive a message for purchases that got declined due to exceeding your SpotMe limit.

The money that you borrowed from Chime will be paid back in full on your next month’s deposit, free of charge. 

When Can You Overdraft Your Chime Card?

You can overdraft on Chime with transactions made thru your debit card. These include in-store and online purchases, cash withdrawals via an ATM, and cashback transactions.

SpotMe cannot be used for overdrafts for ACH and Pay Anyone transfers, peer-to-peer transfers using PayPal, Cash App, or Venmo, and mobile check deposits.

You can overdraft your Chime card when you use it for payment for Uber rides. It also works at fast food outlets, gas stations, and retail stores such as Walmart and Target.

The process is the same as when you normally purchase items with your Chime debit card. 

If the total amount you have to pay is beyond your account balance, Chime will pay for the excess.

You can also overdraft when using your Chime debit card on Apple Pay. 

You simply need to pay using Apple Pay linked with your Chime debit card. If you do not have adequate funds in your Chime account, SpotMe will spot you.

Can You Overdraft Your Chime Credit Builder Card?

No. Chime Credit Builder currently does not provide overdraft services. 

The Credit Builder feature on Chime allows you to move a specific amount from your checking account to your Credit Builder card whenever you get paid.

It works like a regular credit card but with no annual fees and no interest.

The money you move into your Credit Builder account sets your spending limit when using the card for transactions.

SpotMe only works for transactions made using the Chime debit card.

How to Borrow $100 Borrow Chime:

You can borrow up to $100 from Chime if your SpotMe limit is at least $100. You can also get the same amount by withdrawing money via an ATM. 

SpotMe works with ATM withdrawals. You can withdraw your Chime balance, including your SpotMe limit anytime you want to.

How to Borrow $200 Borrow Chime:

The maximum amount you can borrow from Chime thru SpotMe is $200. Similarly, this is the maximum amount you can withdraw from your Chime account via ATM.

When you purchase an item that is $200 more than your Chime balance, you can borrow that amount provided that your SpotMe limit is $200.





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