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Flux Academy: Insights From A REAL Student! (2022 Review!)


Isaac Floyd


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This is the definitive Flux Academy review for 2022.

I share my own insights after having been a student of Flux Academy for more than 2 years.


I have taken all 4 of their courses and if you want to know which courses have been worth it, if I’d take them again, and how Flux Academy compares to other online courses, then you’ve come to the right place.

Below are the best discounts for December 2022 for each course:

At first, it can be a bit confusing which course you should get. I have done my best to explain what course you should get at what point in your career.

If you already know what course you want to get you can use the links below to jump straight to my course reviews:

An Overview Of Flux Academy:

Flux Academy was founded by Ran Segall, a web designer from Israel with almost 20 years of experience in the web design field.

He launched his YouTube channel in 2015 and shortly after released his first online course called The Webflow Masterclass.

Today Flux Academy consists of 4 online courses and, according to Ran Segall, has more than 4500 students.

What Course Is Best For You?

If you want to:

I’d advise you to buy The Webflow Masterclass, or Web Design: Becoming a Professional first.

Those two courses are the best, in my opinion, I ranked both of them with 5 stars.

Webflow Masterclass Review

This was the first course I enrolled in with Flux Academy and I can confidentially say that the course was worth every single penny.

Before the course, I struggled to create basic layouts in Webflow. Within a month after buying the course I was able to build websites almost exactly as I envisioned them in a short period of time.

Our Favorite Webflow Course
Review: Is The Webflow Masterclass Worth It? Review: Is The Webflow Masterclass Worth It?
Regular Price: $695

The Webflow Masterclass is 100% worth it, especially if you can get a further discount on it. Ran Segall does a good job in explaining Webflow beginner-friendly and if you have any issues you can get expert-level Webflow support in the Flux Academy Community in a matter of hours.

  • 12+ hours of video lessons
  • Expert coaching & support
  • 1-year access to the Flux Community
  • High price

What is covered in the Webflow Masterclass?

The Webflow Masterclass consists of 10 chapters.

The first chapter features 4 videos and is a brief introduction to the course and Webflow.

In the second chapter, you learn the basics of Webflow. Ran explains the different display settings, basic interactions, forms, symbols, and more. The next chapter is dedicated to Webflow CMS, with the fourth chapter being dedicated to complex animations & interactions. 

Chapter 5 explains the website building process, and in chapter 6 Ran shows you how he work with clients when building Webflow sites for them. 

Chapter 7 is called advanced topics and features topics like multi-lingual websites, custom code, membership sites, and more.

In chapter 8 Kabarza walks you through a build of a high-quality Webflow site, which you can rebuild yourself. You can see the finished site here: https://fitness-website-flux.webflow.io/

You also get access to the Flux Academy Community for 1-year when purchasing the Webflow Masterclass. I wrote an in-depth review of the Community at the end of this article, click here to jump to my Flux Academy Community review.

Is The Webflow Masterclass Worth It?

Yes, The Webflow Masterclass is 100% worth it in my opinion. Even though there are good alternatives available, like Webflow University, Ran & Kabarza do an exceptionally good job at explaining Webflow beginner-friendly.

I’m yet to find a course other than the Webflow Masterclass which goes into so much detail when explaining Webflow. It really is the #1 resource available for learning Webflow.

Who should get the course: This course is best for designers who are just starting out to learn Webflow. If you already have some experience in Webflow, I’d still suggest that you take this course.

I was working with Webflow for almost 3 months before getting this course and I still learned a lot.

With the 30-day full refund, no questions asked policy from Flux Academy you can’t really go wrong when purchasing the course. If you find out that you already know everything in the course you can easily get a refund.

By enrolling in The Webflow Masterclass you also get access to the Flux Academy Community for 12 months. I wrote an in-depth review of the Community at the end of this article, or jump to my review of the Flux Academy Community.

Web Design: Becoming a Professional Review

This was the second course I enrolled in.

The course aims to teach you how to properly design good websites.

Hone Your Design Skills
Review: Web Design: Becoming A Professional Review: Web Design: Becoming A Professional
Regular Price: $695

Web Design: Becoming A Professional is a great starting point for web developers that want to improve their design skills. You get 13+ hours of video lessons, templates, and 2 exercise projects. I'd have liked if the design lessons would have been more advanced but this course is still a good deal.

  • 13+ hours of video lessons
  • Access to Flux Community for 12 months
  • Templates available
  • High price
  • A little basic at times

This course (when you take out the welcome & end chapters) really only consists of 3 main chapters.

The first one is an overview of the design process.


It features 11 videos with about four and a half hours of watch-time.


This chapter gives you a nice overview of the whole process.

I remember that I first skipped this module because I wasn’t too interested, a few weeks later I decided to watch it and I have to say I’m very glad I watched it. I got some really valuable tips from this module.

The second main chapter of this course is called: Honing your Web Design Skills.


This was the chapter I bought the course for.

The content in there was very good and nicely presented.

Ran gives you a good overview of everything you need to know when designing websites.

While I’d have preferred a few more advanced methods and techniques I still learned a lot.

The last of the 3 main chapters of this course is about project & client management.

This chapter is rather short with only 4 videos, and a watch-time of a little less than 1 hour.

Nonetheless, it gives you a good overview and I’d recommend it to everyone who’s struggling, or spending too much time on managing clients.

Who should get this course: This course is a great buy for web developers which want to start offering design services to their clients.

Who shouldn’t get this course: If you’re a web designer with a lot of experience I wouldn’t advise you to get this course. A lot of the information in the course will probably be too basic for you.

By enrolling in Web Design: Becoming a Professional you also get access to the Flux Academy Community for 12 months. I wrote an in-depth review of the Community at the end of this article, or jump to my review of the Flux Academy Community.

6 Figure Freelance Designer Review

This course is perfect for you if you already have a few projects under your belt and want to take your freelance business to the next level.

However, if your main goal is to improve your service offer I’d suggest you get The Webflow Masterclass (web development in Webflow), or Web Design: Become A Professional (web design) course first.

Scale Your Freelance Business
Review: The 6 Figure Freelance Designer Review: The 6 Figure Freelance Designer
Regular Price: $695

The 6 Figure Freelance Designer is the perfect buy if your main struggle is attracting high-value clients. It teaches you how to confidently, and successfully run your freelance web design business. The course consists of 12 video modules, weekly calls, and access to an expert-level community.

  • 12 chapters with video lessons
  • Weekly live calls
  • Access to templates & other resources
  • Only one chapter unlocks every week

The first thing I want to say about this course is that you can’t access all 12 chapters from when you buy the course.

You get access to one chapter every week. This means that it will take you almost 3 months to complete this course.

I’m honestly not too sure how I feel about this. While I do believe that this is a good approach for most people I also think you should be able to watch all videos from the start if you wish to do so. Only getting access to one chapter a week felt very limiting to me.

I’d have preferred if they would have chosen a different system. Maybe you would have had to watch all videos from one chapter before being able to advance to the next chapter. This way people would still have to watch every video but you would have been able to do it at your own pace.

Only getting access to one chapter a week is also a problem when it comes to refunds. For every course, Flux Academy offers a 30-day no-questions-asked refund policy. If you purchase this course you only have access to 4 chapters (only a third of the course) before having to make the decision if you want to get a refund.

The course is split into 12 chapters (12 actual chapters, so no welcome chapter, like in the other courses).

I was honestly very happy with the educational level of this course. It’s not made for beginners but also not too advanced, overall it gives you a really good overview.

In the end, I never took the freelance web designer/developer route. Instead, I build my own online assets (like Humbled MBA) and scale them. Even though I (fortunately) don’t have to manage any clients I still took a lot away from the course.

Who should get this course: If you got a good service offering and your main issue is attracting clients this course is 100% for you.

Who shouldn’t get this course: This course isn’t made for beginners, you should have completed at least a few client projects before enrolling in the 6 figure freelance designer.

By enrolling in 6 Figure Freelance Designer you also get access to the Flux Academy Community for 12 months. I wrote an in-depth review of the Community at the end of this article, or jump to my review of the Flux Academy Community.

Brand Design Mastery Review

This is the latest course Flux Academy released. The aim of this course is to teach you how to offer high-quality full branding solutions to your clients.

My main problem with this course is the niche of this course.

The course is aimed at designers which want to offer full branding solutions to their clients. If you want to offer full branding solutions as a web designer to your clients you probably already have a good amount of experience and solid processes in place.

Therefore, in my opinion, this course should be aimed at advanced designers, as offering this service as a beginner web designer doesn’t make much sense.

Unfortunately, the course doesn’t feel like an advanced course. Most of the lessons feel rather basic and while Rachel, Matt, and Ran do a good job at explaining their processes the lessons are just too basic in my opinion.

Do I still recommend getting this course? Yes, if you already own all other Flux Academy courses you should get this one as well. If you don’t like it you can make use of the 30-day no-questions-asked refund policy.

If you don’t own all other Flux Academy courses I’d recommend getting one of the other courses first.

Who should get the course: The course is best for designers that want to improve their service offerings.

Who shouldn’t get the course: Beginners, only get this course if you already offer web design & web development services successfully.

By enrolling in Brand Design Mastery you also get access to the Flux Academy Community for 12 months. I wrote an in-depth review of the Community at the end of this article, or jump to my review of the Flux Academy Community.

Flux Academy Community

By taking any course from Flux Academy you get 12 months of access to the Flux Community. The Flux Community is like a private discord group for Flux Academy students hosted on Circle.


This is where you can ask questions, answer other students’ questions and get to connect with other like-minded people that are on the same path as you.

Because there are almost 5000 people in the community it is a really good library of information. Often times when I had a Webflow related question I didn’t find any information on Google and the Webflow forums. When I searched in the Flux Community I found an old thread of someone having the same problem and someone sharing the solution to it.

The Community alone might already be worth the $695 you pay for a course. The great thing about the Flux Community is that there’s expert-level support available.

When you find yourself starting out designing or developing websites in Webflow I’ll guarantee you that you’ll hit some roadblocks. Before I took the Webflow Masterclass I posted all of my questions on the official Webflow Forums and more often than not, I didn’t receive a single reply to my question.

In the Flux Community, you’ll usually get a few helpful replies in a matter of a few hours, either from other students or from the support team.

Every Wednesday Ran, or one of his staff members, holds a one-hour long Q&A for students of Flux Academy which gets recorded and posted in the Community afterward.

I have never taken advantage of the Q&A but if you have some specific questions that you want answers to this is the place to ask them.


With this community, you can not only give or get advice but you can also get job opportunities, or collaborate with other designers.


There’s also the Flux resources doc. You get this big Notion-like library of links and resources to all kinds of tools, icons, stock arts, websites, and job boards.


When I bought the Webflow Masterclass back in 2020 you got lifetime access to the Flux Community so I’m not 100% sure how they handle access to the Flux Community after the first 12 months but I’ll guess you have to pay a small annual fee.

Update: I’ve reached out to the Flux Academy support team after writing this post, here’s what they said about it:

“Since you purchased one of our courses in 2020, please don’t worry about your limit to community access, as it does not apply to your situation. As for those who are affected, right now, we’re still formulating the best way to go about it with our students affected by our 12-month access. Once we know what that entails, we’ll surely let you know!”

Zhara Davies, Head of Community at Flux Academy

My Own Experience With the Flux Academy

In the end, it will really come down to your own situation if buying a course for $695 will be worth it.

If you’re short on money and not really sure if you really want to pursue a career in web design I’d suggest trying out a few free courses first. Alternatively, you could also make use of the no-questions-asked, 30-day money-back guarantee of Flux Academy.

If you already made some money with web design I’d suggest getting the course sooner than later. While $695 definitely is a lot of money you can easily return that investment even with one web design client.

Another thing you should consider is that they might raise the price very soon. The price of the courses has stayed unchanged for years until now and with almost every business in the world raising prices I’d be surprised if Flux Academy won’t do the same in the foreseeable future.


About Isaac

Isaac graduated with an MBA in 2014. After graduating he worked in the software industry for 5 years. He started his first online side hustle in early 2018, today he makes a full-time income from his 3 online side hustles. One of the 3 is Humbled MBA.