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Chime & Zelle: 9 Questions Answered! (Full 2023 Guide!)


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Chime and Zelle’s popularity as convenient and secure digital payment methods have soared over the years.

This guide will answer your queries on using Chime and Zelle to send and receive money.

Does Chime Work with Zelle?

Yes, Chime works with Zelle. You can send and receive cash from Chime to Zelle (and vice versa) even if Chime is not supported within Zelle. Keep in mind that such transfers are not instant and can take up to three business days. You will also have to deal with the $500 weekly transfer limit.

Just like PayPal, Venmo, and Cash App, Zelle is a popular mobile payment service that allows users to send and receive money from anyone.

Zelle works with most brick-and-mortar banks, including Bank of America and JP Morgan. However, it does not provide native support to online banks like Chime.

Chime is not your regular bank in the sense that it does not have a physical location for clients to go to. It offers various banking services, but all these transactions are done online.

Since Chime is an online bank, it cannot be used directly through Zelle. You will not find Chime when you look at the affiliated banks on the Zelle app.

To use Chime, you have to input it under an unlisted bank or credit union. You need to enroll a Chime debit card which you will use to send and receive money.

You should also note that money transfers between Chime and Zelle will not be quick. Unlike regular payments sent through Zelle, transactions can take several days to be completed.

How to Link Zelle to Chime: (Step-By-Step)

While Chime does not allow users to connect to Zelle, Zelle does. You can set up your Chime account to work with Zelle by doing the following:

1.     Download and install the Zelle app on your device. This should be free for both Android and iOS.

2.     Set up a free account. Input your mobile number, then click Continue.

3.     Hit the Don’t See My Bank option when prompted to find your bank, then type in Chime on the space provided.

4.     Add a debit card. This should be the debit card you use for your Chime account. Enter information such as card number, expiration date, and security code or CVV then hit Continue.

5.     Finally, choose a strong password for your new Zelle account.

In some cases, users get an error message when trying to connect their Chime account with Zelle. These notifications usually indicate that the debit card is not supported in the app.

This happens when Zelle classifies the debit card as a prepaid card, which is not supported by the platform.

If this happens, there is nothing you can do. You are better off using other mobile payment services for your Chime.

What Bank Is Chime on Zelle?

Since Chime is not supported on Zelle, you will not find it on the list of affiliated banks on the Zelle network.

Only traditional banks are listed on the Zelle app. Since Chime is a financial technology company and not a conventional bank, it is not included in the options provided.

To enroll your Chime account on Zelle, you should select the Don’t See My Bank button, then add your Chime debit card.

Your debit card will serve as your payment method for transactions.

Once you have finished with the setup, you can now use the money on your Chime account and make payments using Zelle.

How to Transfer Money from Zelle to Chime: (Step-By-Step)

You can transfer money from Zelle to Chime by adding your Chime debit card to your Zelle app. This should work even if Chime is not natively supported in Zelle.

Since there is no Chime inbuilt option on Zelle, you need to do the following steps:

1.     Log in to your Zelle account using your credentials.

2.     Look for the Don’t See My Bank button on the Zelle home screen.

3.     Add the Chime debit card. If the debit card is accepted, you can now initiate a money transfer.

4.     Enter the amount you want to send. T

5.     The funds should go directly into your account within three (3) business days.

How to Transfer Money from Chime to Zelle: (Step-By-Step)

Transferring money from Chime to Zelle is straightforward once you have added your Chime debit card to Zelle.

To do this, you need to follow these steps:

1.     Log in to your Chime account using your credentials.

2.     Link your Chime debit card by entering your card number, CVV, and expiry date.

3.     Complete the setup process until the card is linked successfully.

4.     Select the Transfer Money button to request money from your Chime debit card and add it to your Zelle balance.

Why Is My Chime Card Not Supported on Zelle?

If you receive a message from Zelle that your Chime card is not supported on the platform, this is because Zelle categorizes it as a prepaid card. Prepaid cards are not supported on the platform.

Some Chime users have reported such cases when attempting to add their debit card to Zelle. While you may reach out to the Zelle support team about this, there is usually nothing they can do to sort out the problem.

If you are unlucky enough to have Zelle reject your Chime debit card during enrolment, do not worry. There are other alternatives you can try.

You can use a different bank account as a middleman between Chime and Zelle.

To do this, you need to link the two accounts using an external bank account known to be part of Zelle’s network. Of course, you need to have an existing account with this bank.

Just log in to your Chime app, then go to Settings. Afterward, tap the Link a Bank Account button.

On the banks listed on Zelle, choose your bank and enter your login credentials.

If done successfully, you can transfer funds from that external bank account to Chime, and vice versa anytime you want.

Transactions like these typically take up to five (5) business days to complete, so you should be patient.

If this trick still does not work for you, it is time to consider other methods for instant transfer transactions.

One alternative is using Chime’s Pay Anyone feature. You can send money instantly, even to non-Chime members. Moreover, transactions are free.

When you initiate the transfer, the recipient will receive a link to register their bank’s debit card where they will receive the money you sent.

To use Pay Anyone, just go to the Pay Anyone tab and locate that friend on Chime. If the person is not a member, you should enter their email address or phone number.

Then, enter the amount you wish to send, add a note, and select Pay.

The recipient has 14 days to enter their required information to claim the funds.

You may also utilize other instant transfer options, such as Apple Pay, Venmo, PayPal, and Cash App.

Like with Zelle, you have to link your Chime debit card with your chosen peer-to-peer money transfer service.

However, these options can cost you fees between 1.5% to 1.75%.

How Much Can You Transfer Between Chime and Zelle?

The transfer limit per week for using Chime with Zelle is $500. While there is no specific transfer limit per day, you should not send more than $500 to avoid setbacks.

Zelle’s weekly transfer limit is a bit restrictive if you need to send larger amounts.

Meanwhile, with brick-and-mortar banks, the maximum transfer limit when using Zelle is between $2,500 to $3500.

How Long Does It Take to Send Money Between Chime and Zelle?

Transactions between Chime and Zelle can take up to three (3) business days to process.

Unlike regular payments sent through Zelle, remittances to Chime are not instant. This is because Chime is not natively supported on the platform.

When you send money to traditional banks using Zelle, the funds will be credited within minutes. Delays can be typically attributed to the sender entering an incorrect email address or mobile phone number of the recipient.

With Chime, the three-day wait is inevitable. You just have to be patient until Zelle completes the transaction and remits your money to your Chime account.

Is It Free to Transfer Money Between Chime and Zelle?

Yes. Unlike other peer-to-peer money transfer platforms, Zelle does not charge fees for moving money from one account to another.

This is one of the benefits of a Zelle user.

You do not have to pay any transaction fee or interest when using Chime with Zelle. Sending and receiving money between the two platforms are free.





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