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7 Chime Temporary Card Questions! (Quick Answers!)


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Your Chime debit card typically arrives seven to ten business days after signing up. While waiting for it to arrive, you can use a temporary card.

Learn more about Chime temporary card with this guide.

How to Activate Your Chime Temporary Card:

Chime offers a temporary card that you can utilize while waiting for the debit card to arrive in the mail. Follow these steps to activate your temporary card:

1.     Open your Chime app and log in using your credentials

2.     Tap Settings, then find the Debit Card button.

3.     Select View My Card.

4.     You will see your temporary card details, including your card number, CVV, and expiration date.

You can use the temporary card for urgent payments through Chime. To use it as a payment method, you only need to enter your card details and you are all set.

The temporary card may also be added to money transfer apps such as PayPal and Venmo. You may also link it to app wallets and use it as payment for in-store purchases.

When you received your Chime physical card and have it activated, you can no longer use the temporary card.

Activating your Chime card is necessary so you can enjoy the benefits that come with having one. You can use it for unlimited ACH bank transfers and physical check utilization.

Cash withdrawal is also possible with Chime, but you need the physical card for this transaction. This is because the platform does not support cardless withdrawals.

Problems may occur when activating your Chime card. These are typically due to incorrect information. During the activation process, you may have keyed in the wrong card details.

If this happens, you should call the Chime support team at 1-844-244-6363 and explain the setback. They will assist you and help you trace what went wrong.

How to Use Your Chime Temporary Card:

You can use your Chime temporary card in several ways.

1.     For in-store purchases when you add the card to a payment wallet like Apple Pay or Google Pay.

2.     For online purchases when you use the card on a merchant app or website.

3.     For payments when you link the card with apps such as Venmo and Cash App.

You should keep in mind that the Chime temporary card can only be used if you have not activated the physical card.

It is meant to be a short-term arrangement so you can access your Chime funds for transactions while waiting for the physical card to arrive.

Add Your Chime Temporary Card to Your Apple Wallet:

You can add your Chime temporary card to payment wallets such as Apple Pay. This way, you can utilize your Chime account funds at retail shops that accept Apple Pay wallet payments.

To add your card, you need to open the Apple Wallet app using your iOS device, then tap the Add button located in the upper right-hand corner.

Select Debit or Credit Card > Continue, then follow the on-screen instructions on how to add a new card.

Once you verify the information with Chime, you can now use your temporary card with your Apple wallet.

If you see you see the message “Could Not Add Card” or “Invalid Card,” you should contact Chime and explain the setback.

Get Cash with Your Chime Temporary Card:

You cannot use your Chime temporary card at an ATM to withdraw cash. You will need a physical card for such transactions.

If you urgently need your Chime funds, you should add the temporary card to Cash App or Venmo and transfer money to these apps. 

These apps also offer instant transfer, so you can receive the money in real time.

Once the funds are in your Venmo or Cash App account, use your Venmo or Cash App debit card and withdraw money via an ATM.

You may also link the Chime temporary card with Apple Pay and withdraw funds in ATMs that accept Apple Pay. 

Why Is My Chime Temporary Card Unavailable?

If you are having issues with your Chime temporary card being unavailable, it is probably because you are using the Chime app on a new phone, or you have already activated the physical card.

Using the Chime app on a different phone than the one you already verified with Chime will make your temporary card unavailable.

Chime may put your temporary card on hold for 24 hours for security reasons. This can be resolved by reaching out to the Chime support team and undergoing verification so the card may be available to you again.

Sometimes, the temporary card also becomes unavailable if you are accessing Chime via the website or mobile browser.

Even if you are using a verified device, Chime may take it as a new device. This is why many users prefer accessing the Chime app to avoid problems.

If you have already activated the Chime physical card, your temporary card will automatically be unavailable. After all, it is only designed for temporary use until such time you receive your physical Chime card.

How to Get a Chime Temporary Card:

You can access your temporary card as soon as you are allocated a debit card by Chime.

When you create an account with Chime, you will be allocated a debit card. There is no need to make a separate request. Chime will process it automatically.

You can get your temporary card details, including the CVV and the expiration date, via the Chime app.

What’s the Difference Between a Temporary Chime and A Normal Chime Card?

A temporary Chime card is a virtual card that you can use for transactions while waiting for the physical card to arrive. It functions the same as the physical Chime card, except it cannot be used for cash withdrawals.

Your Chime temporary card is completely digital. It comes with the card number, expiration date, and security code to protect your account from breaches.

It is not meant to permanently replace the normal Chime card. 

You can only use the temporary as long as the physical card has not arrived and is not activated. You can utilize it like a normal debit card when you make purchases in-store or online, or use it as a payment method for apps. 

However, you cannot withdraw funds using the temporary card via an ATM.





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