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7 Chime Support Questions! (Complete 2023 Guide!)


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If you want to contact Chime’s support then they offer methods through both phone and email, to resolve issues encountered by users.

That being said, let’s run through a guide on Chime support, answering any questions you may have.

How To Contact Chime Support:

It’s possible to contact Chime’s support by speaking to a live member of their team by calling a Chime customer service representative. It’s also possible to contact their support team through email messaging, with a response time of up to 24 hours. Also, an automated customer support assistant is available on the Chime application which can help with the majority of enquires. 

How Do I Speak To A Live Person At Chime?

To speak to a member of Chime’s team you can call them at 1-844-244-6363 and then follow the instructions (see below). Support availability runs between Monday and Saturday 7 am to 7 pm and Sunday from 9 am to 5 pm Central Time.

After connecting, press 9 for more options and all other queries, and then you will be given a variety of number options to choose from.

  • 1 for direct deposits or bank transfer queries.
  • 2 for card or PIN queriers
  • 3 for transaction or ATM queries
  • 4 for assistance with account updates and logging into the Chime app
  • 5 for assistance adding your card to Google or Apple accounts
  • 6 for assistance using their SpotMe option
  • 9 for other options
  • * to repeat the available options

In some instances, you may need to wait between 5-10 minutes for a member of their support team to answer. 

What Are The Business Hours Of Chime?

As Chime doesn’t have any physical branches and is an online-only bank, this means it’s open outside of normal business hours, and support is available 24/7 via their app or by logging in online.  

To be noted, however, Chime takes into account federal bank holidays, so any banking deposit made on these days will be processed the next working day.

How To Email Chime Support:

Chime’s customer support is available 24/7 through email. You can contact a member of Chime’s support at support@chime.com. Response times via email are generally within 24 hours, although during peak times you may have to wait longer, and during off-peak times there can be quicker responses of 1-2 hours.

Does Chime Have A Live Chat?

Chime doesn’t currently offer a live chat feature (real-time messaging with support agents), on either their app or the website.

However, an automated chat assistant is available on the app. To use this feature, after logging into your account, navigate to the home screen and then the chat option in the top-right corner. From here you can communicate with the artificially intelligent assistant, who may be able to answer your queries.

How Long Does It Take For Chime Support To Respond?

Chime’s support team usually responds within 24 hours. If you’re emailing them at peak times in the evening, then you can expect to wait until the next day for a response. However, during nonpeak times responses can be much faster, usually within a few hours.

What Should You Do If You Forgot Your Chime Email And Phone Number?

As Chime needs your email address to log into your account, if you’ve forgotten your Chime email and phone number, then you will need to contact their support team via email at support@chime.com in order to reclaim your details. You’ll also need a valid photo I.D for verification to use this option. 

However, if you’ve forgotten your email address but not your phone number, then a recovery page is available, and you’ll need to enter the phone number used to sign up with Chime and follow the additional steps to recover the email address associated with your account. 




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