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21 Best Places To Sell Feet Pics Online! (Full 2023 Guide!)


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When you’re just starting out selling feet pics online choosing a platform to sell your pics is probably one of the hardest decisions.

Below I have listed the 21 best places to sell feet pics online based on commission, audience, average selling prices, and their community guidelines.

You might also be interested in our full guide on how to sell feet pics online. In this post, I cover how to stay anonymous, how much you can charge, how to drive customers to your sales pages, and much more.

1. OnlyFans

OnlyFans is a subscription-based platform where you can create any kind of visual content and charge users a fee for access. 

Pictures of your feet can be hidden behind a custom paywall that charges anything from $5 or even $50 a month for subscribers. However, you’ll have to stay active on the platform and continue engaging your subscribers with fresh new content to stay relevant. 

You’ll have to provide age-eligibility proof to the platform (you must be 18 or over), which means the service will know your identity. 

Besides the recurring subscriptions, you can also cater to custom requests that people cannot find elsewhere. Fulfilling these requests can mean a lot more extra money. For instance, pictures of your feet in a specific angle with a particular piece of jewelry may be something a foot-fetish subscriber is willing to pay handsomely for. 

The platform has a flat commission of 20% that they deduct from every content creator’s subscription. While this seems like a lot at first it’s a good deal for most creators as OnlyFans will handle all issues with payments so you can focus 100% on creating content.

The initial challenge for most performers is garnering a substantial following on the platform. Common methods include marketing your page on other platforms like Instagram, Reddit, or Twitter to existing followers on these platforms. 

2. Instagram

The best way to start selling feet pics on Instagram is by creating an account solely for selling pictures of your feet. That way, your profile picture, username, bio, and photos can all be created around this purpose. Also, this can keep you anonymous and you can operate the account as a dedicated business outlet. 

Instagram is undoubtedly one of the easiest and best platforms to promote and sell your content. It’s free, easy to use, and is home to over a billion users all over the world. So, selling your feet pics here doesn’t cost you a dime and the platform won’t charge any annoying commissions. 

A good trick here is to tease your followers by uploading feet pictures that give them an idea of what kind of feet pics they can get. You can work with different angles, wear toe jewelry, ankle bracelets, etc. 

Just make sure that you create and add a clear watermark to all your feet pics so that they can’t be downloaded and used elsewhere without purchase. Also, you can offer custom orders for your followers for an extra charge just like on OnlyFans. 

One advantage of selling on Instagram is that you can lure in new buyers very easily. There are certainly a lot of potential customers out there who find out they like foot pictures only after seeing nice photos of feet. These soon-to-be foot lovers are normally on social media unaware of what they may enjoy.

The only downside when selling on Instagram is that you have to handle all payment issues yourself. This means that you’ll have to use PayPal or other platforms to charge your customers and these platforms usually ask you to verify by ID and publicly display your name or address.

3. Craigslist

Craigslist is among the most widely-used classified platforms where you can enjoy anonymity and still conduct business successfully. Buying and selling feet photos on this platform may not have a huge following but there are certainly genuine buyers willing to shell out good money for the right photos.

To sell feet pics, you’ll have to categorize your ad under the ‘Photo/video – by owner’ heading, so that it appears in the right group when viewed by buyers. Simply set a specified price and sample of the type and quality of photos you offer, and you’re set. 

One problem with conducting business on Craigslist is that you’ll occasionally run into scammers and tricksters. Dishonest users may participate as sellers or buyers too. However, practicing some care and caution can keep you safe and secure. 

As far as possible, don’t engage with users who exhibit fishy behavior or a questionable attitude. Most scammers will try to stray from the topic of business and engage simply in mindless and purposeless conversation. 

A good tip is to keep your actual name or identity undisclosed as far as possible. Also, watermarks on your sample photos will keep them from being resold before you actually sell them. Another good practice is to use common-sounding descriptions like ‘feet pics for sale,’ so that your photos don’t get lost in the sea of other ads. 

4. Etsy

Etsy is a popular marketplace online where many businesses and sellers offer affordable products to buyers. The platform boasts of tens of billions in sales and millions of active users that keep increasing. 

It’s a great platform for creating a first impression of your feet pics to potential customers before they commit to a purchase. Plus, you get the best features of an eCommerce platform that’s designed to create engagement and reliable payments. 

The platform also allows you, the seller, to check and track a variety of metrics and information about how well your photos are selling. For instance, finding out how customers reached your page or how many users viewed your listings can be important information that can help you sell more later. 

The account or channel you create for selling on Etsy is called a shop. You can name and customize this virtual shop with cover photos that show your shapely feet in all their elegant glory. Also, you can use banners to display special offers or new feet photos for your customers. 

Delivering the photos to customers on Etsy is also easy. Simply mail them the high-resolution copy of the feet pic on payment.

Etsy will deduct a 6.5% commission on the total amount/price you charge from your buyers. So, you may have to pay a nominal 65 cents if you sell a feet photo that cost $10. If you can exponentially increase the volume of your photo sales, then this can translate into a larger sum of money quickly. 

5. Foap

Foap is an online community and platform that deals specifically with imagery and video content. Buyers get access to millions of designers, photographers, and creators who project their best visual works on the platform for sale. 

The reason Foap makes a good place to sell feet photos is that the platform has access to countless customers who appreciate good photography. So, it’s a good place to reach out to designers and bloggers who need beautiful feet photos. 

The sacrifice you make for getting access to this community as a seller is that your feet photos’ profits will be split in half with the platform. So, Foap will retain 50% of your earnings for each sale, but this doesn’t really hurt if you can intelligently price your photos with that in mind. 

Many of today’s marketing campaigns and high-end ads feature photos from this platform. So, there’s a small chance that your feet photos may end up on a huge billboard somewhere in the country. 

Foap also has a special feature called ‘Missions’ where you upload photos based on the instructions and details provided by the platform. If photos of your feet get selected, the payout is way better than ordinary sales. 

The platform is also easily accessible by both iOS and Android users thanks to the handy and intuitive app. This means you can sell your feet pics on the go and customers can also buy your new content anytime. 

6. Feetpics

Unlike the other general media and business platforms listed so far, Feetpics is a marketplace that exclusively deals in the buying and selling of feet pictures. The website, itself, comes with a simple interface and the features are both easy to use and intuitive enough. 

To start selling on Feetpics, you must register for a Seller Page, which comes at a subscription of $9 every month. This can sound expensive compared to free alternatives. But you get the opportunity to sell to a large market of buyers who require feet pics. 

Also, with your seller subscription, you get free access to Feepics’ online academy, which costs up to $99 for users who aren’t members. It’s a treasure trove of knowledge resources, guides, tips, and advice on how to go about selling feet pics successfully. 

Feetpics also offers a verified tag for its sellers who wish to legitimize their identity on the platform. It doesn’t mean your identity will get revealed to buyers, but it adds an extra layer of trust and credibility to your customers. 

One advantage of selling feet pics on these dedicated platforms is that you don’t have to wade through thousands of users whose interest is in other products or services. That’s because anyone already active here is obviously looking to buy or sell feet pictures. 

The most active categories on Feetpics are socks, high heels, and soles. So, you can upload feet photos that fall under any of these categories based on what you prefer. If you have a nice collection of heels, pop on a stiletto and create an elegant foot picture. Alternatively, if you have nice soles, a bottom view of your feet may sell like hot cakes.  

7. eBay

eBay isn’t really a hotspot for buying or selling feet pics but that’s also the reason why people can make a surprisingly good amount of earnings on the platform. As a widely used online marketplace, eBay is home to a lot of unique photos and images up for sale. 

The platform charges varying rates based on the type of merchandise you’re selling and the volume of sales you enjoy. So, you’ll have to check out eBay’s commission terms and regulations before you put up your feet pictures for sale. 

Here too, it’s advisable to go for a dedicated seller’s profile instead of using your real name and identity. This way, you retain your discretion and privacy while still conducting business on the platform. 

It’s important to upload clear photos that capture your feet in the best possible light and angles. Read and follow EBay’s regulations on uploading photos to get the best results. This is important because the platform hosts such a large number and variety of photos that it’s easy for your pictures to drown out in the visual crowd. 

8. Your Own Website

If you’re someone who enjoys the independence and autonomy of selling on your own platform, creating a dedicated website for selling pictures of your feet is a good idea. 

The big advantage of having your own feet pic website is that the whole layout, design, and format of the ‘store’ is completely in your hands. You can personalize, update, and recreate whatever you think looks good or works well. 

Thanks to drag-and-drop website builders and convenient eCommerce applications, you don’t even need coding or programming expertise to set it up. 

Another obvious benefit/advantage is that you don’t have to share the same space with competing sellers. The platform is entirely your own and anyone visiting is solely there to check your feet photos and buy them. 

However, the challenge with a dedicated website is gaining traffic and attention. Platforms like OnlyFans already have a million buyers browsing while social media platforms like Instagram can garner followers naturally. With your own website, it’s not that easy. 

You’ll have to actively market and promote the website on every other possible platform so that enough eyes see it. Also, you will have to grind through the tasks of optimizing your feet picture website for organic traffic via search engines. This means SEO-specific descriptions, blog posts, metadata, etc. 

So, running a dedicated feet pic website may eventually impose more setup and running costs compared to simply opening a page on your favorite social media platform. 

9. Kik

Kik is an ever-growing messaging platform that’s incredibly popular among younger adults. So, if you’re looking to try and reach out to the millennial or Gen-Z audience with your feet pics, having a Kik account will really help. 

The platform is well-known for users sharing adult content like OnlyFans. So, you can leverage this trend to sell your feet pictures as individual images, album galleries, or stock videos too. 

The biggest advantage of using an app like Kik is that it doesn’t cost you any money to sell your feet pictures. So, you don’t have to needlessly waste time worrying about commissions and profit-sharing charges. Anything you make on Kik ends up in your account. 

However, building a sizeable audience does take time and effort here. Make sure you promote your Kik ID on other platforms like Twitter or Instagram if you’re already using these platforms. 

Also, you’ll have to choose a specific payment method because Kik does not natively support transactions. But this is not a big ask because there are tons of third-party payment applications you can choose from (PayPal, CashApp, Venmo, etc.). 

10. Wikifeet

Wikifeet is primarily a forum for sharing and viewing pictures of beautiful feet, especially of celebrities. Built by an Israeli programmer, it has now evolved into a website that enjoys millions of views daily. Although buying and selling was not its initial purpose, users today can upload photos and charge money if other users want to buy them. 

Although the Wikifeet website appears slightly outdated, the content itself is fresh and undergoes continuous updates thanks to its active community. This also means that there are a lot of gorgeous feet photos of stars and well-known personalities. So, you’ll have to take high-quality and nicely framed photos of your feet to grab attention. 

The website, itself, will not charge you anything for selling because it’s an exchange confined to you and another user. The platform only serves as the medium through which others get to see pictures of your beautiful feet. 

So, you’ll have to be ready with an outside payment application that the buyer also uses. Once the payment processing is ready, it’s only a matter of sending the high-resolution photo to the buyer once the transfer takes place. 

Besides selling your own feet pictures, Wikifeet is a treasure trove of gorgeous feet photos of singers, actors, models, and regular people too. So, you can also enjoy viewing these photos while making some money with your own feet pics. 

The disadvantage of Wikifeet is that it doesn’t offer dedicated sales features like payment processing, verifying sellers, photo listings, etc. So, if you’re interested in more seller-specific features, some of the other dedicated websites on this list may serve you better. 

11. Instafeet

If you prefer a dedicated platform that deals with feet pictures and supports its own payment processing feature, Instafeet is another great option. Like OnlyFans, you have to sign up as a creator and your feet pics will be locked behind a subscription fee that users must pay before getting to view your photos. 

To register as an Instafeet creator, you must create a profile and submit identifiable photographs to validate your registration. The platform moderates and reviews profiles before approval so this is the first step to cross before you can start selling. 

If you’re having trouble registering on Instafeet, it may be because too many new sellers are applying for registration. Instafeet occasionally pauses the registration process if there are too many requests from new users. Simply wait for a day or two before you attempt registration again and it should work fine. 

Profile approval can take a few weeks, at least, so be ready to wait out the process before you get that confirmation email. Once approved, you’ll get a dedicated Instafeet ID that you can share as a link on other platforms and apps. 

Most users limit their subscription fees to less than $10 per month and focus on gaining subscribers instead of increasing the paywall. 

The platform will deduct a 10% commission from your sales of your feet pictures as maintenance and processing fees. But that’s not a big amount given how you can conveniently earn hundreds of dollars (if not thousands), once your subscriber count goes up. 

12. Twitter

Twitter remains the biggest and most widely-used micro-blogging platform and selling your feet pics through this huge online community should be one of your strategies. The main reason for using Twitter for selling feet pics is that creators don’t have to pay any commissions and you have an audience of millions of interested users. 

Setting up your seller’s profile on Twitter is the same as creating a normal account. However, it’s still a good and advisable idea to keep your identity private like on other feet-picture platforms. That way, you can still have your personal Twitter account outside of business. 

Another advantage of having a feet pic Twitter account is that you can promote links to your profiles on other platforms. For instance, your Twitter bio can include links to your Instafeet ID, Instagram page, OnlyFans account, etc. 

So, you get twice the advantage on Twitter. For one, you’re directly selling your feet pics via your profile and secondly, you get to promote your pages on other sites where your content sells based on a subscription. 

Like other social media platforms, keeping your audience interested and engaged is crucial if selling on Twitter. Followers can simply choose to unfollow your feet pics account because it’s free either way. 

So, keep working on interesting photos and engaging captions that can grab your audience’s eyes and attention while scrolling through thousands of posts on their feeds. 

13. Tik Tok

TikTok remains the most viewed and used platform for short-form videos and visual content. While most users wouldn’t expect the selling of feet pics to be big here, users like Sarah Jalees easily make thousands of dollars every month. 

There’s a reason why this app remains so popular and widely used across the world. The immediate engagement that short-form videos can create is unmatched on the internet. So, if you can create and curate quick and attractive videos of your feet on your channel, there’s a global audience waiting to lap it up. 

The Tik Tok app is totally free and super easy to download. So, you don’t really pay any costs for setting up a channel or account. The platform does support partnerships with services like Shopify, but you don’t have to get into so much commercial engagement merely for selling pictures of your feet. 

The easiest way to start selling is with a secondary account with an attractive username (not your real name). Then, start posting content that focuses on visuals of your feet in different settings. You can experiment with ankle bracelets, cute socks, stilettos, etc. 

One challenge with selling feet pics on Tik Tok is that you have to compete with countless other talented content creators who are out to capture the same audience’s attention. Since most users are out looking for entertaining content, selling photos can be easy to ignore if not engaging enough. 

However, once your account gets enough feet-lovers following your content, you can start charging high amounts for custom requests or even general images of your feet. 

14. Stock Photo Sites

Stock photo websites are still the most visited platforms for getting both free and paid pictures that are appropriate for a variety of uses. So, you can explore and consider everything from feet pics to hand pics too if you want. 

Customers can include bloggers, website owners, brands, companies, designers, and even your average site visitor. So, selling your feet pics on these stock photo platforms gives you access to the widest possible customer base. Also, you’ll learn how to take professional-looking photos as well as formal pictures of your feet if you sell here. 

Also, there’s definitely a wide range of options and stock websites you can sell on. Big names like Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, Pexels, StockSnap, etc. all welcome new creators with open arms. Registration is easy and uploading your content is usually a convenient affair. 

One obstacle you may face is the quality of the competition. Stock photo websites are home to some incredible images taken by professional photographers. And as a means of promotion, many good photographers offer some of their content for free. 

So, you’ll also have to focus on taking quality photos of your feet and legs. Remember that stock photo sites aren’t primarily meant for foot-fetish photos. That means your efforts should go more towards good lighting and angles instead of sensuality. 

Visualize your feet pictures on podiatry websites or an online shoe store. This will allow you to prepare and set up photos that are relevant to these businesses and blogs. 

15. Reddit

Aptly called Reddit the actual ‘Front Page’ of the web, Reddit is a must-hit if you’re branching out to multiple channels for selling photos of your feet. The simple interface and rich community of users make it a platform ripe for reaching out to the feet-loving community. 

Staying anonymous on this user-friendly platform is super easy and it’s good fun creating a witty username to hide your identity. Once created, you can hit any or all of the subreddits that specifically entertain feet photos. 

Subreddits like r/feetvids can feature sexy videos of women’s feet sporting nylons, heels, etc. Communities like r/FeetToesandSoles or r/FeetToesandSocks both feature feet photos from real users. More specific subreddits like r/feetonglass contain pictures of women’s feet pressed against windows, mirrors, and other glass surfaces. 

You can explore and try out different subreddits because these sub-groups often get banned and recreated with different names. Also, if you’re selling foot-fetish photos or videos, you can try out the NSFW subreddits that are dedicated to foot-fetish content. 

Reddit is also a great platform for using your posts to promote your foot content on other platforms. For instance, you can post teaser pictures of your feet while directing viewers towards your page on OnlyFans or Instafeet. 

16. Whisper

Whisper is touted as an ‘anonymous’ application where users can share revelations or secrets as text that’s clearly superimposed on a background image. Started in 2012, the Whisper app boasts of a few hundred million users every month. This makes it a good marketplace for young adults who are interested in feet pictures. 

For selling feet pictures on Whisper, it’s best to use the mobile application instead of the Whisper website, because the functionality is slightly limited on a browser. You can use nice pictures of your feet as the background and the text can explain the charges and rates. 

Once you post your ‘Whisper’ via the app, you can interact with users who respond to your text image. This means you’ll need a payment app that functions outside of the Whisper app. 

You may have to forego your anonymity if you reveal too much payment information. However, this can be avoided if you use more discreet payment apps. 

However, anonymity is the primary reason why Whisper appeals so much to young adults. You can convert it into a platform where feet-lovers can become buying customers without revealing too much info on each other’s identities. 

Given how Whisper is primarily a message-sharing platform, some users agree that foot content isn’t exactly the best product to be sold here. In fact, many will insist that buying and selling items is not part of its purpose anyway. Regardless, there’s no harm putting up a few feet photos to lure in new buyers. 

17. Discord

Discord is an incredibly popular chatting platform that was initially used mostly by the gaming community. Today, the platform is used by a variety of content creators who want to cater to a dedicated community of fans and followers in a more exclusive channel other than public social media. 

To sell feet pictures, you can create your own Discord server. With a dedicated server, you can easily communicate and share feet photos with your members. Chatting is fast and easy, and selling of exclusive feet photos can be done by communicating the offer with members on your server. 

The platform allows you to create specialized channels within your server that are accessible only through a subscription. The fees can be as low as $2.99 or go up as high as $99.99 depending on the quality of your photos and the engagement you create with paying members. 

However, if you do use this special paid channel, Discord will retain about 10% of whatever the subscribing members pay. This means the remaining 90% becomes your earnings from the feet photos shared with the members. 

If you do not wish to use this feature where Discord earns a commission, you can directly communicate with members informing them of available photos and the amount you charge. For this, you’ll have to create a payment method that members can use. 

The most effective way of attracting new members on Discord is to rein them in from other platforms. For instance, if you have a bigger following on apps like Instagram or Twitter, you can share your Discord server’s link on your profile bios or customized posts so that followers can click and join. 

18. Dollar Feet

Dollar Feet is one of the top platforms for accessing foot fetish content online. Here, you don’t sell your foot pictures directly to the users. The platform recruits you as a foot model and then buys your content if you’re approved. This content is subsequently sold to the users by the website. 

The platform has a ‘Model Application Form’ that you have to fill and submit to qualify as a foot model for Dollar Feet. Here, you can set a nickname and share links to your other social media profiles. The website will require you to submit several photos of your feet from different angles before approving you as a model. 

The application for joining Dollar Feet may take about 24 hours to process. Once you’re qualified, you can start creating foot videos or taking photos of your feet based on what sells on the platform. They have a sample video that you can check if you can’t think of initial ideas for foot content. 

If your foot content gets accepted, the platform can pay about $10 for every video. That’s easy money if you have the creativity and energy to churn out many videos on a daily basis. 

If users like your content, they can make custom orders. These custom foot videos can fetch you anywhere between $30 and $100 per video. So, there’s definitely room to scale up your content if you do well on the platform. 

19. All Things Worn

All Things Worn is a popular online marketplace that primarily deals with the sale of belongings that have been worn by the owner. It’s essentially a fetish-based platform where lovers of worn things can buy items that have graced the bodies of their favorite sellers. 

The main items include clothing, hosiery, and undergarments. However, the platform has two more components called Naughty Extras and Instant Content where buyers can purchase pictures and videos too. These components are where you can make a small fortune selling feet pictures. 

To qualify as a proper seller, you may have to sign up for the Premium Seller Package. You’ll have to pay a monthly seller premium of $14.99 for this package which includes access to all of the website’s best features and benefits that promote the seller. Alternatively, you can also pay for six months with a figure of $69.99. 

Once you buy the Premium Seller tag, you can sell an unlimited number of photos and videos, without any commissions or deductions by the website. So, all the sales you make on All Things Worn will be completely yours. 

As a premium seller, you will also get access to polls, browsing buyers, unlimited communication, direct contact with buyers, etc. 

The website also supports an in-house payment method with a currency called Kinkcoins. The standout advantage here is that you don’t have to reveal your payment details that can expose your identity. 

20. Feet Lovers Only

Feet Lovers Only is another marketplace for foot-lovers and it’s a platform that’s built very similarly to All Things Worn. Many of the same sellers feature on both platforms so the two websites can appear identical. But each website caters to its own range of buyers so it’s a good idea to feature your feet pics on both platforms. 

Joining up is free for sellers but you will not get access to the full range of features that the website offers for sellers. To get maximum benefits, sellers must pay a monthly subscription of $14.99 (same as All Things Worn). 

The subscription fee for sellers will automatically renew at the end of 30 days. So, if you wish to leave the Premium Sellers Package, you’ll have to manually unsubscribe before the next cycle begins. 

To start selling, you must first spend a few minutes registering as a recognized seller on the platform. Then, you can begin uploading the type of foot photos and videos you specialize in. Once the buyers see and start purchasing, the amount will get credited to you immediately. 

Feet Lovers Only caters to a wide range of visuals that foot lovers want. So, you can post simple feet pics, feet videos, feet pics with socks feet pics with shoes, etc. You can also accept custom orders from buyers who want to see your feet in a certain frame, angle, or with specific jewelry, etc. 

For increasing your seller rankings, the website has the Feet Lovers Only blog that contains many guides, tips, and best practices for succeeding on the platform. 

21. Feet Finder

Feet Finder is arguably the most well-known dedicated platform for feet-related content. The Feet Finder platform is home to thousands of verified creators and models who post a wide variety of foot content. Users can browse these visuals by model or category and purchase the photos that strike their fancy. 

As a seller, you’ll have to register with your information and identity document. Feet Finder’s verification process ensures that only real and legitimate sellers qualify as models on the platform. 

Once you’re verified, you can start uploading the best photos and videos of your feet. To make money, there are two ways of engaging buyers. You can let them purchase individual photos and videos on your profile or you can charge a monthly subscription that gives buyers full access to all the foot content on your profile.

Regardless of which selling method you choose, it’s easy to make quick money if you regularly post and upload fresh content that appeals to your audience. 

The good thing about Feet Finder is that they regulate their content to feet visuals only. So, there’s no space for lewd nudity or any pornography-related content. This keeps the community safe and refined. 

Sellers must pay a subscription fee to Feet Finder in order to sell their foot content on the platform. The normal subscription remains at a nominal $4.99 per month. However, you can also access premium seller features that are available at $14.99 or $29.99 per month.


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