3rd Annual NFTE Launch: Mentor Aspiring Teen Entrepreneurs in SF

For the 3rd year in a row, I'm running NFTE Launch later this month.  NFTE is the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship.  It connects mentors with aspiring teen entrepreneurs from underserved high schools in the Bay Area

We'll have 15-20 teens that all have ideas and want to build something.  You donate your time for one 3 hour spot.  Show up and you'll find yourself immediatley helpful.  No preparation needed, no follow up required.  It's one of the best ways to give back to the community doing what you love: helping people make something people want.

In the past we've helped set up Weebly sites, fill out Etsy profiles, and start Shopify stores.  This program is less about finding the next big innovation and more about making a connection with a kid.  

This year's program runs June 24-28th and is hosted by Rackspace on Folsom St.

Sign up here for one 3 hour mentorship session.

The week's mentorship session culminate with a Demo Day: Thursday 6/27, 5-7pm at Rackspace.  Everyone is welcome to attend.  More details here.

I would love to once again have lots of startup people there.  Please also forward this to others in your company and to others in the startup community.  Anyone versed in startups and interested in helping kids is welcome to sign up.

Here's an easy snippet to tweet:

In SF and want to mentor aspiring teen entrepreneurs?  Volunteer for 3 hours and make an impact.  6/24-6/28 http://bit.ly/1bCtUgJ