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Nice selection. I'd include Duke University and UNC as well in the Durham, NC area.. Here is the link just in case you needed it (http://www.launchboxdigital.com/) ;).
I agree with the list... for the most part. I think I'll do my own list on my blog. :)

By the way, it's great to see someone giving Duke credit for entrepreneurship. Fuqua (Duke MBA) is the only school I know of where startup incubation is a part of its course offering. Check out www.dukep4e.org.

Also, I'm not sure if your list is just for MBA programs, but if not, I think Babson deserves a spot on there too. Of the close friends I've graduated with from Babson, a huge portion of them are Founders and CEOs, doing their own thing. It's also been ranked #1 in entrepreneurship for the past 15 years by U.S. News & World Report. It's small so not many people have heard of it, but that place is infected with the entrepreneurship virus. Everyone there has an elevator pitch.

@Jonathan - Click the links for each of those schools before you praise the list.....  
Don't forget incubator programs such as YC, 500 Startups, TechStars, etc.